Vice Rector of DAU for Health Specialties: Vaccination Against Tuberculosis Does not Kill

Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Zamil, professor and consultant of Infectious diseases for children, the Vice Rector of Dar Al-Uloom University for Healt Specialities, stated that what appeared in Al-Watan newspaper on Monday, Jan8th, ….

Infectious Diseases | King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

The specialty of Infectious Diseases has its strength from the diversity of clinical scenarios which the Infectious Diseases physicians have to see. Their expertise is needed in most specialities of medicine including Surgery, Hematology, …..

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Training Program

There is a growing demand for a national training program to provide pediatricians with all the necessary training towards acquisition of Saudi Board in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, after which the trainee will be competent in the management of various…..